Riches of Ra Slot Machine Available Online

It is important to point out right off the bat that the Book of Ra online slot game, which is a Novomatic classic, has absolutely nothing to do with the Riches of Ra online slot game. Play ‘n Go, the company that produced this game, also used an Ancient Egyptian theme for it, but the gameplay is distinct and demonstrates many of the innovative selling elements that Play ‘n Go have been famous for over the course of their company’s history.

The main game jackpot is worth 2500 coins, and that’s before we get into the magic of staked wilds, free spins, and a Pick-a-Prize bonus feature, where a bounty worth up to 160 times your stake may be won. The jackpot can be won by matching five of the Pharaoh symbol.

Riches of Ra, which can be played on desktop computers as well as mobile devices, may look a little bit dated now, which is to be expected given that the game was first made available in 2011. However, due to its captivating gameplay and variety of bonus features, the title of “all-time classic” that it has been given is certainly well-deserved.

Controls & Configuration for the Riches of Ra Slot

In the event that you are not acquainted with the job that Play ‘n Go does, we are pleased to inform you that this company is one of the top software businesses available when it comes to the playability of their game set-up as well as the intuitiveness of doing so.

Riches of Ra looks amazing on mobile devices running Android and iOS, and it is an absolute breeze to play with just three buttons on the main gamescreen: home, which navigates you around your chosen casino; menu, which has all the essential information you require; and the green’spin’ button, which is what actually makes the magic happen.

You have the ability to change the amount of your wager depending on the coin value and the number of coins you want to use during each spin via the menu option. Additionally, you have the option to engage auto play if you do not like to manually press the spin button throughout each turn. You can also find out more information about the rules of Riches of Ra, and get a better understanding of where each of the 15 paylines are located (the number of paylines can be changed according to your preferences), as well as what each matching combination awards according to the paytable. Players are also informed of the conditions of each of the special features, including how they are triggered, what they can expect, and most importantly, how much they can win from participating in that particular feature.

How to Play the Riches of Ra Game and Its Bonus Features

The slot game Riches of Ra transports players to Ancient Egypt, and the symbols that appear on the game’s five reels are designed to represent this. In addition to the standard playing cards, the reels of your slot machine will have a number of valuable artifacts and jewelry, as well as the revered scarab and the pharaoh who has the potential to earn the most money.

There is also a wild symbol, which is the depiction of Ra. It is a bird-like creature that is adorned with a golden headgear (you’ll understand what we mean when we explain it!). This may appear on your reels either singly or stacked, and if the stacked version of Ra appears on reels one and five, the free spins bonus round will be triggered. You will now have 15 free turns, and more importantly, those stacked wilds will remain in place for the remainder of this bonus round. This will give you the opportunity to earn some excellent prizes if you are successful.

You should also be aware of the following three additional symbols: All of these are considered to be part of the “bonus” category, and they are a colorful assortment of artifacts that comprise the sort of thing that Indiana Jones, during his travels in Raiders of the Lost Ark, might have been interested in bringing back in his booty. If you uncover two of them, the other reels will begin to spin more slowly in preparation for the possibility of a third appearing; if you are successful in spinning a third, the bonus game will be activated. This is a straightforward feature in which you choose one of the symbols displayed on the screen to reveal a prize, but it has the potential to be profitable enough.

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